First Impressions: 絶対防衛レヴィアタン – Zettai Bouei Leviathan & ビーストサーガ – Beast Saga


Leviathan: The Last Defence

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 A rather amusing, girl-power episode preaching the importance of not wasting food! Such cute outfits and elf ears, to boot! A faint storyline that doesn’t indicate that the series has direction but I’d watch episode two for fun!

There were hints that two out of three protagonists were not good magic users, so it would be assumed that the viewer would witness them train hard and beat the evil forces that had invaded the land, however, we discover that they can fight if they change their clothes or are avenging wasted food, which I thought was quite witty: ‘You.. Spilt.. My.. Tea! You *@#&$! COME ‘ERE!”

It was obviously a way for the three to introduce themselves, which didn’t immediately happen on the previous occasions where they met. I cracked up when the bug knocked into Leviathan, especially, and when the pudding bowl whacked Jormungand in the head – steel!

Let’s just talk about how unnecessarily difficult the names are: Jormungand, Bahamut, Syrop and Leviathan. Original, granted, and probably no confusions on Google, but give us a break~On the flip side, the uniqueness of the character design makes me want to cosplay! The detailed and fantastical outfits and weaponry define each character, and their bright hair colours distinguish them among the other citizens, although citizens also have well-designed clothing.

Speaking of citizens, there was major girl power vs. perverted men; you can be the judge as to whether the insults went too far: ‘Even if you were reborn five or six times, I don’t think you’d get together.’ Buuuurn!It seems that all the women (except Bahamut) have really nice, perky boobs, too, which is unjust.

I don’t know what the next episode would bring but I may watch it anyway; though cute clothes and adorable voices alone can’t make me stay!


‘Beast Saga’

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Interesting concept and character design, though the plot doesn’t appear to thicken anytime soon. May watch episode two just for the funsies. It’s really unheard of: talking animals fighting in thick armour and ruling over the elements.

Thankfully, race and appearance are not the primary focus of the story, since everyone’s a beast – the voice actors don’t act any more ‘animalistic’ than if they were voice-acting humans.  Therefore, the relationship between characters and tribes is emphasised: good vs. evil.

Little is explained about the water, wind and fire Godlots, but the viewer is rather appropriately warned of their dangerous powers, suggesting they will become more significant later in the story.

Although it was a nice first episode, there is no cliff-hanger, as it is obvious, due to the apparent fear of Alldile and his frog clan, and the status of the protagonist, King Liogre, ruler of the Kingdom of Gloria, that the fight is won, and that the King can no longer hide his identity as he was doing.

I may watch episode two just for the funsies and out of curiosity, to see if the plot thickens.

I own nothing but my opinion.


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