First Impressions: Lucky Dog 1 BLAST – ラッキードッグ1BLAST


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I really enjoy reading this series although the lack of activity tests my patience. It’s slow-paced, and resembles a Slice of Life genre as the plot isn’t thick and the ending seems clear. With strong, beautiful characters to keep things interesting, my idea of right and wrong is tested: Why am I rooting for the sexy bad guys?!

I know I love a series when seeing ‘Last Chapter; check back later!’ drives me absolutely mad, and when I Control+ T straight into Amazon to see if it’s available in print.

With less than fifteen chapters available, this relatively new manga captured and maintained my attention even though there isn’t much action. Understandable because they’re in a prison; they’re constantly surveyed. Though I experienced negative emotions of impatience and minor confusion, particularly toward a recurring mysterious element, for the most part I was excited to see if the Lucky Dog could lead his fellow bosses to freedom.

My morals were tested with this series because an Italian mafia, called CR-5, hardly holds positive connotations. Violence, killing, drugs and murder are frequent pass-times for whatever reason – just ask Giulio… and I was concerned as to why I willed Gian to escape from prison.

It seems rather obvious how the story may progress, as Giancarlo is established to have a past of successful jailbreaks, as well as failure since he’s dragged back to prison soon enough. I currently assume that the fate of the team will be the same, though I hope I will be surprised with a sudden thickening of the plot, and the manga becomes long and eventful.

As the plot isn’t very thick – five Mafia bosses escaping from prison after having arrived their by being set up – I appreciate the art work and character design, as well as the relationships between characters, primary and secondary. It gives the manga a Slice of (prison?) Life feel as it relies on unique characters to keep the reader interested.

I particularly enjoy the open ‘bromance’ (since they’re joking around to tease the watchful eyes of Ivan) between Gian and Bernardo. As a fujoshi (yaoi fangirl) it’s enough to get excited, even though they just sweet talk and hug. Whether they’re being serious or not, I ship them! There are also hints of affection between the other three bosses so take a bait! I also very much appreciate the Italian involvement in this manga. Unlike some series set in a foreign country where conveniently everyone speaks Japanese, the five Italian bosses with the most Italian of names (Giancarlo, Bernardo, Ivan, Luchino, Giulio) actually speak Italian – highlighted by a change in font and * symbol – in order to communicate and conspire, which I think is very realistic and clever, and definitely is advantageous to them.

Overall, ‘Lucky Dog 1 BLAST’ is a great, casual read that I’d recommend.

Let me know what you think of it!

Did you know?

This manga is actually a spin off from a popular Japanese 18+ Boys Love Visual Novel game by Tennenouji, a doujinshi circle of friends!

Fans are currently translating an English version – fingers crossed!

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