Otaku fashion show at London Anime Con

In Japanese culture, there are several unique styles including those which fall under the category of anime/otaku culture such as Lolita. The Otaku Fashion show is all about displaying your own individuality and sense of style with an audience that understand and value the styles of an otaku.

This summer’s fashions show, definitely displayed the range of styles and unique looks lovers of anime and Japanese culture take pride in. The models included fans of the Lolita fashion, wearing several cute and petite accessories. There were models in the Harajuku style, some had mixes of Lolita by wearing more pink or cuter accessories, whereas other Harajuku models had multiple colours used in their outfits. Unlike the spring otaku fashion show, which was my first time participating, I found there to be more male models this summer. I found this quite surprising as well as inspirational, as it shows that the interest in the Japanese fashion is not completely female dominated. I think the increase of male models is also very motivational for fellow male otaku’s that may love the fashion but lack the confidence to wear it out on the streets. Therefore, for this reason, I find the otaku fashion show very motivational and inspiring as what I tend to notice in many fellow anime/Japanese culture fans, is that wearing these types of clothing can be  considered quite daunting or too extreme out in public. Therefore, to be able to see fellow fans confidently displaying their styles can be a confidence booster and also an acknowledgement for those with less confidence that their not alone, due to this, I am drawn to enter in the otaku fashion show each year.

Model        Model

In addition to this, another experience I gained in this summer show, was the range of people I’ve met. As previously mentioned, It was great meeting and speaking with the male models and learning about their styles and interests in the Japanese fashion and culture. There were models of different experience, some like myself had participated once or twice previously, some were completely new and this was their first time and there were models who were veterans and had done this several times. This made the atmosphere welcoming and supportive as it enabled a lot of discussions and interaction between the models, helping those whom entered on their own to meet new people and also form new acquaintances between groups of friends. Also the models who had participated in the show regularly were incredibly helpful for the staff as well as fellow models in ensuring that everyone knew where they were going and when. The staff were also very welcoming and organised, they ensures any minor issued were solved as fast as possible and also engaged in conversation with the models maintaining a great atmosphere.

I found the show very informative in terms of learning how to run a show or learning how different cosplayers started their careers in modelling and cosplaying.  It was easy to ask questions as people were friendly and while waiting to go on stage, I observed a lot of skills required to run  a show as composure, efficiency, team work, leadership and approachability. Therefore taking part in events/shows such as this would be great for individuals who hope to run events of their own or start cosplay modelling.

Overall, it was the most incredible moment, walking on the stage and seeing an enthusiastic  audience that are interested in your own style. Although it may initially seem scary, after a moment, it’s a great feeling expressing your own individuality on a stage and at the end, feeling the support from fellow models once your backstage.

It’s a show worth going to and have fun!

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