TASTE Hyper Japan: Okonomiyaki, Tai-yaki, Green tea choco

No, I did not spend £20 on Japanese food! That would be…correct… お好み焼き, Okonomiyaki @ Okan stall …is a savoury ‘pancake’ or ‘omlette’ or ‘pizza’ that derived from Japan, its primary ingredient being shredded cabbage. ‘Yaki’ is Japanese for ‘fried’ or ‘cooked’. I found this snack to be delicious and well-seasoned, both the flavour and the smell were powerful. It had a delicate texture and just melted in my mouth. Since the taste of the cheese and okonomiyaki sauce were very apparent, I forgot my dislike for cabbage and mayonnaise completely, and focused on savouring this decorative and tasty Japanese snack.

鯛焼き Tai-yaki @ yaki.co.jp stall …is a fish-shaped pastry honouring the Pokémon Magikarp filled with a sweet ingredient, like custard, chocolate or, traditionally, sweetened azuki beans. Some taiyaki are savoury and have cheese or sausage fillings. I found the beans to be tender with an interesting taste. The taste of azuki beans differs depending on by whom its made; perhaps it’s an acquired taste that you have to get used to. I guess I’ll need some mocha then to practice!

緑茶 チョコレート Green tea chocolate @ BESCHLE Chocolatier Suisse stall …a smooth and delicate chocolate with a bitter green tea aftertaste, making it rather refreshing. The chocolate is a pretty shade of green and it has a silky texture. I think the taste is directed more towards a mature audience as it does not provide the sugary rush of typical chocolate, but a sophisticated, bitter kick.

Check out what else I ate!

(incl. Dorayaki and Melon Pan!)

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