Fashion at Hyper Japan 2013

Hyper Japan provided lovers of Japanese fashion a huge quantity and variety of designers, activities and products in this summer convention. The stools were filled with accessories such as necklaces, rings, hair bows/ hair clips perfect for individuals who likes a little touch of Japanese fashion in their everyday outfits.

japanese hair pins1005467_417340945049149_1376742562_n

In addition to the range of accessories, there were a variety of clothes being sold during the event. There were the Lolita dresses and skirts, anime tops and traditional Japanese clothes available. Hyper Japan also ran several activities to involve guest with items they may purchase. The convention ran a Tokyo style transformation area where GlamXpress make-up artists Sandra Hadi and Tamara Gitter offered make-overs for the Lolita, sweet Lolita, Gyaru and Shironuri styles. I found the transformation area very eye opening as I learnt of the broader range of styles Japan has to offer, since from a background knowledge from anime or manga, styles like the shironuri aren’t mentioned as much compared to Lolita. For lovers of the traditional Japanese attire, there were similar activities being run where people could try on kimonos and then have a professional photo taken.

The main fashion experience that was held in Hyper Japan was the Tokyo fashion story, where fellow lovers for the same type of fashion styles walked on stage wearing clothes influenced by Japanese fashion. It was a event for UK fans to show the diversity of styles they were proud to display. Compared to last year’s fashion show, I feel that hyper Japan tried to fill out more the different styles in Japan as we saw models in the high school uniform and the shironuri style which personally drew my attention. I was personally hoping to see a larger amount of creative new takes on the fashion styles in the show and it was disappointing seeing individuals during the convention who looked incredible  but did not participate in the show.

996552_417340598382517_178544560_n 554914_417340851715825_489429435_n

It was great to see more male models take part in the fashion show as I think it boosts the confidence of male fans in the UK to wear what they want with more confidence, without fear of what people may think. To our surprise this year a male model won the competition, he was chosen by Yun*chi who was the judge and I think that him winning will boosts male fans to participate further.

My favourite fashion experience during Hyper Japan summer would have to be going out to the convention in a outfit I designed myself and finding others who have done the same and looked amazing. I feel that dressing up for conventions encourages more engagement for me as I can approach other cosplayers or people in Japanese styled clothes easier and also when they sometimes approach me , I find it simple to start conversation about their clothes and etc.

It was a great event of fashion, shopping and experience and I hope to see a even wider range of models in the next Tokyo fashion story representing the large variety of western fans.

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