Love And War 2 (사랑과 전쟁 2); Sister Boy/I need my Sister – A review


cr: 민우궁디팡팡

Love and War 2 is a running series where each episode shows a case study of a married couple and what leads them to considering divorce. Each episode has a different cast and ends with a marriage counselor telling the audience what can be done in these situations to avoid divorce. I honestly have never watch an episode before this one, I did look for another one <<The Girl’s Perfect Date>> but I failed to find it anywhere. But I was so happy when I found out that <<I need my sister>> was on KBSworld’s channel with English Subtitles!!! [[Warning this review may contain spoilers]]

Ok, so before I start with my review I should probably start off with owning up to the fact that I wanted to watch this because the male lead was Seo Minwoo (leader of 100%), however, this is because I liked him back when he was an actor and ulzzang. (this was nearly 10 years ago!!!) His performance in Crazy Waiting and in Sharp 3 really attracted my attention as I could see he was a talented actor. However, he disappeared and eventually came back as the leader of 100% and now has once again gotten the chance to act. But I will try to do this with as little bias as I can.


Seo Minwoo Cr:850208tistory

So the drama is pretty simple, none of the characters are overly likable. Junyeong (played by Seo Minwoo) is reliable on the women in his life, he is weak and constantly being pushed around, agreeing to whatever his sister says or what his wife says – sacrificing his own opinion quite often. Jieun (played by Cheon Iseul) is equally dislikable by the fact that will go head-to-head- with Junyeong’s sister and not back down. Both of the women of excessively stubborn at the cost of Junyeong’s happiness, and he, himself only says what the woman he’s talking to at the time wants to hear making it harder for the women to get along.

The acting in it is very good, and the episode itself is actually very enjoyable. Seo Minwoo like I said earlier is a very talented actor, and I thought that before I really began to like him – because honestly, his acting debut with a perm and gaudy Hawaiian shirts was not exactly sexy -. I also had never seen Cheon Iseul in anything before and found that her acting was also really good. They actually complimented each other acting as couple and their chemistry was believable. At times it was very easy to forget that they were acting, because of how effortless the performance was. The dynamic between Junyeong and his noona was really good as well. Seo Minwoo who has a sister, slipped into the role of being a sister’s boy effortlessly – but don’t let that fool you into thinking he is one himself as he told FNN news that “In order to learn about the character, I asked for advice from female employees in the company”.

I personally didn’t like the ending, the ending doesn’t tell you if the couple did or did not divorce in real life, and to me it kind of feels like the drama hasn’t quite ended. I just want to know if they did or didn’t divorce, and maybe the director likes the fact that everyone has to make up their own mind (and in mine I don’t see how they could have stayed together really).

I give this drama 4/5.

Click here to check it out on KBSworld’s channel

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