[Album Review] Teen Top Is “Rocking” With 4th Mini Album Teen Top Class

[L-R: Niel, Chunji, L.Joe, CAP, Ricky, Changjo] [Cr: TOPMedia]

[L-R: Niel, Chunji, L.Joe, CAP, Ricky, Changjo]
[Cr: TOPMedia]

TOP Media’s sextet boy-band Teen Top (Teenagers, Emo boys, Emoticon, Next Generation, Talent, Object, Praise) is back with a new single, 장난아냐 (Lit. I’m Serious) and a 6 track mini album, Teen Top Class. The group consists of Leader and Main Rapper C.A.P (Bang Min Soo), Lead Vocal and Visual Chunji (Lee Chan Hee), Lead Rapper and Visual L.Joe (Lee Byung Hun), Main Vocal Niel (Ahn Daniel), Sub Vocal and Lead Dancer Ricky (Yoo Chang Hyun) and Maknae, Sub Vocal and Main Dancer Changjo (Choi Jong Hyun).

01: Teen Top Class: 1:12

L.Joe [cr: TOPmedia]

[cr: TOPmedia]

It essentially serves as an intro track, it starts with a sentence from L.Joe in English and then gets into a short rap track. I really like the sound and quite honestly I would like if the track was a bit longer, the track has so much potential to be a really good full track. I found myself listening to this song repeatedly despite it’s shortness.



Niel  [Cr. Top Media]

[Cr. Top Media]

02:  장난아냐 (Rocking): 3:14

This is the title track of the album and I’m going to say that I honestly stopped listening to it after 0:08 seconds the first time I listened to it, (after the first out of the four TEEN TOP we gonna rock it drop it top it,Hey don’t stop it pop it) because honestly I hate it when kpop groups do English lines like that. Anyway, I did carry on listening and I really really do love the song. It’s a different style to their usual style as they went for more of a dance sound than your generic pop sound and the chorus of 장난 아니에요(rom. jangnan anieyo// trans. It’s no joke) is incredibly catchy. I am so addicted to this song so much that I find myself singing it near constantly.



Chunji [Cr: TOPMedia]

[Cr: TOPMedia]

03: Don’t I: 3:10

The song has a more jazz sound to, which I really really love. It’s really funky and Niel’s voice really fits the sound of the song. They all sound good, but his voice really has a jazzy tone to it. The two rappers do a really good job with the rap and the song is really easy and fun to listen to. L.Joe’s rap in this track really impressed me, along with Chunji’s high range – which we all knew he could hit a high note from Supa Luv, but the ability to sing a full line in a high octave is impressive, well to me anyway.



Changjo [cr: TOPMeda]

[cr: TOPMeda]

04:  Oh! Good: 3:13

This is another song that has a very dance-y sound. This is a general dance song, with a fast beat and a catchy rhythm that just makes you want to dance, and the bridge sung by Changjo is really catchy and easy to dance to (even if you can’t really dance like me, this song is still super fun to dance around to in your room where no one can see you). The chorus of Oh! Good~ just adds to the dance style of the song, the repetitive-ness makes this a song you could imagine being played in a club. The dub-step/house sound during the verses again adds to the impression that I could walk into a club and hear the song. I feel that this song would help the boys sell the album because I really could see this song being played in clubs.



05: Date: 3:25

Ricky [cr: TOPMedia]

[cr: TOPMedia]

This song has a very traditional boy-band style to it. It’s a cute song, with cute vocals. That has a soft sound and you can just imagine the boys standing in front of mics singing softly to the audience or doing a really aegyo filled dance as they sang this song. The rapping is soft – which is something L.Joe’s voice really suit but also I love how C.A.P’s voice is versatile enough to be as deep as it is, yet still be able to fit the softness of the song. I love the chorus of 우리의 Date 사랑의 Date (rom. uriui Date sarangui Date// Trans. Our date, a love date) and I will sing along to that part.



C.A.P [cr: TOPMedia]

[cr: TOPMedia]

06: Rock Star (Feat. Maboos): 4:04

As a concession I love rap tracks on boy-band albums and to add to that Mr. Bang has to be one of my all time favourite Teen Top tracks, because I alluded to before I love C.A.P’s rapping voice and style. I love the beat to this song, it’s got quite a grungy sound which really suits C.A.P’s voice, and he can rap quite fast (not Outsider fast – because seriously that is fast) but he has improved so much since debut and I love hearing him really come into his own. There are so many lines I adore from this song and it has to be my favourite song from the album and my current favourite K-pop song in general.


The album showcases Teen Top’s ability to perform a variety of different genres to a high degree. It is a fantastic reflection of how much they have improved from debut as well as an amazing refection of the training program TOP media has and how they allow their artist to grow and challenge them to different genres. There is really something for everyone in this album.

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