Why do I think the 2020 Olympics being hosted in Tokyo is a Fantastic Thing for Japan

Just a short article here, congratulations to Tokyo!

7 years before the due date of an Olympiad, several delegates are crammed in the room awaiting the decision from the IOC as to who will be hosting the Olympics. After a close race with Istanbul and Madrid; Tokyo secured the 2020 Olympics. The hosting of the Olympics has been a contentious issue since the financial crisis gripped the world as it is a rather expensive series of events. Yet I believe it can only be a good thing for Japan now.

Japan last hosted the Summer Olympics in Tokyo in 1964. 56 years will pass between Japan’s Summer Olympiads. Japan had come out of World War II bloodied and bruised, having alienated many countries throughout the world through the bloodshed and atrocities they committed. Japan reinvented themselves, no longer a military superpower but a growing economic one. Once the Western world’s enemy, now one of its greatest allies. They used the Olympics as a platform to demonstrate that they were now a modern, progressive nation that wanted a place in our ever changing world. Japan boomed for many years after the 60s and it was a great time for them.

Credit to amynelsonblog on WordPress

But all nations have good times and bad times, the lost decade and continued economic stagnation combined with a somewhat ineffectual series of politicians have left Japan floating the past 20 years. This topped off with the devastating earthquake in March of 2011, killing 15,000 people and causing an ongoing nuclear disaster. Japan again needs a platform to stand strong once again. Japan has been trying to revitalise their economy and rebuild.

The economic benefits that come with hosting the Olympics (albeit great cost and investment) in conjunction with Abenomics and Japan’s recent economic revitalisation are only a force for good. Japan is the world’s 3rd largest economy, behind only the United States of America and China. This is a great chance for them; it’ll be interesting to see how the LDP and Tokyo city’s council take this opportunity and act upon it.

Oh? Also, the Olympics are rather good fun. London turned out to be excellent amidst our worst fears and the effects of those games are still noticeable here in the UK, it has been nothing but a positive (although pricey) experience here. I’m sure Japan could do with something like that after a few hard times.

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